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November 29, 2014

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!

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Sound Bytes: America’s Longest Running Computer Call-in Radio Show.


2014-11-29 (No Nick)

  1. Andy – Rochester, NY – Thanks for coming in on Thanksgiving Weekend. Nick’s book on other devices? Win 8 laptop doesn’t see net via WiFi or ether.
  2. James – Rochester, NY – Java Update message.  Flash Update message.  Internet Explorer “not responding” messages.
  3. Bruce – Brighton, NY – Win 7, programs won’t start properly. Not in Add/Remove or Revo but are in the Registry
  4. Steve – Greece, NY – Revo has a Hunter Mode to find other apps not in Add/Remove.
  5. Roger – Greece, NY – Firefox search window for Amazon always comes up.  When opening links, gets a working icon for longer than usual.
  6. George – Greece, NY – from last week. creating envelopes in Word, Wizard is grayed out.

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