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May 17, 2014

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!

A weekly radio show with news, interviews, opinions (lots of opinions!), and phone calls.

Sound Bytes: America’s Longest Running Computer Call-in Radio Show.



  1. Tim – Webster, NY – long time annoyance with PDF links, opens with Opera instead of Firefox
  2. Mark – Firefox 29 is a ripoff of Chrome UI
  3. Charlie – ustream audio, can’t hear the callers (crap, wrong input selected! fixed)
  4. Roger – Problem with FF 29.0.1, keeps reloading certain pages, like Hotmail and Bing
  5. Elmer – Henrietta – Firefox problem, Win 7 64-bit, “FF already running”
  6. Josh – Browsers, Firefox harder on memory than Chrome
  7. Mike – re #5 – actually read release notes for Firefox.  slow shutdown is a known, unresolved, issue
  8. George – Greece, NY – from last week’s show, #7, has same issue, can’t send mail.

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