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June 7, 2014

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!

A weekly radio show with news, interviews, opinions (lots of opinions!), and phone calls.

Sound Bytes: America’s Longest Running Computer Call-in Radio Show.



  1. Bob – Henrietta, NY – sound levels on movie – most TVs have dynamic range compression – knock it down so most everything is in a narrow dynamic range
  2. Mark – Greece, NY – gripes – how connectors, etc. need to be more universal – has LG TV – bought sound bar, connected via optical, could not turn the TV to PCM audio! | Beats Audio – blah
  3. Steve – Greece, NY – Win7 Ult – Classic Shell – 250G SSD for OS – clone that’s two years old put back in – when boot, stops on user account control for Samsung Magician app | on taskbar – has libraries button that’s pinned to the right
  4. Steve – Greece (again), NY – when boot: “C:\user\name\app Data\Local\conduit” | SOS Messaging has stopped working | Why doesn’t ReVo list all programs?
  5. Bob – Henrietta, NY – the free version of ReVo will not see 64-bit apps – be very careful with conduit uninstallers – they might uninstall NTLDR!!!
  6. James – Rochester, NY – keep Favorites list on IE and Chrome in sync? | videos buffer

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