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February 13, 2016

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!

A weekly radio show with news, interviews, opinions (lots of opinions!), and phone calls.

Sound Bytes: America’s Longest Running Computer Call-in Radio Show.



  1. Larry – how to stop Photos from download images to the iPad | Why is iPad turned on in the morning when it was off
  2. Art – personal question for Nick
  3. Tony – got a DashCam, needs to format the SD card, error “unable to expand viewer”
  4. Gwen – PC user switched to Chrome Box; how to save to a thumbdrive
  5. Bill – computer built by local shop, 4 drives, Win 7 and 3 Linux
  6. Bill – Windows Defender?
  7. Victor – files on a USB drive, use without a computer | remote help?
  8. Joe – Cheektowaga – Sandisk MP3 player, UEFI and Windows 10
  9. Mark – Gateway Win 7 blank screen “controller error” | Media Player advice
  10. Paul – blank screen, replaced graphics card. Now no sound.
  11. Gary – Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup, which is best?

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