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December 6, 2014

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!

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2014-12-06 (w/Dennis)

  1. Andy – Rochester, NY.  Fixed last weeks internet problem with a malware scan.  Chromebook vs. Tablet; liked the Chrombook 13” Toshiba. Bought Nick’s book.  Bought a disc of 700,000 games, Avast and ZoneAlarm went nuts.
  2. Mark – Greece, NY – Current Avast has a new Network Scan feature.
  3. Brian – Pavilion, NY – Conspiracy theories, intentional backdoors?
  4. Joanne – regarding Backups, drive got full
  5. Fred – Windows 7, shockwave not working. uninstall didn’t work, thinks the registry is mucked up.
  6. Brian – Sometimes gets message that leaving a site when trying to go another site

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