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December 10, 2016

Sound Bytes: Your Computer User Group of the Air!


  1. Victor – Irondequoit, NY – AppLock – password protect individual apps on phone
  2. Al – how to understand the Android file system | Win10 util to monitor ports? | us-cert.gov
  3. Jim – Webster, NY – Android – always signed in to YouTube and Instagram
  4. Ray – Rochester, NY – iMac – does timed backup also backup photos? | trying to upgarde LibreOffice – got stuck at end of verify step
  5. Craig – Greece, NY – Chromebook – use Lookout for phone/tablet – what about Chromebook
  6. Jim – Fairport, NY – battery drain post-Nougat
  7. Donna – Henrietta, NY – microSD card stopped working
  8. Ed – Rochester, NY – best way to move photos from old phone to new phone?

One Response to December 10, 2016

  1. I listen to you Podcasts pretty regularly so that I can sift out the banal conversation. Todays, 12/10, podcast provided 25 minutes of useful tech info. The sushi, tilapia, turkey, Italian home life stuff was useless. And you want me to contribute to your broadcast? You guys are techies with a lot more to offer than your self centered assinine comments. If you want my money, grow up — be the tech show you should be!

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