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August 3, 2013

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Dennis, Mike
1. Gmail, forwarded mail ends up into trash.

2. Steve – Henrietta, NY – ipad and airport extreme, created a password on the network.

3. Bodahn – Rochester, NY – thinks has virus, XP SP3, 2 GB, all three browsers, floppy drive activates. new Avast, slowing down web, got MS Security Essentials instead.

4. Wayne – Rochester – uses old TWC cable model, found same model on Amazon for $25; new DOCSIS 3 for $50 on eBay.

5. Dar – Toronto – referring to Bodan; try ClamAV

6. Panni – Rochester – iCloud problem, laptop, iphone 5, ipad; address book not getting to laptop.

7. Joann – Greece – cloud problems, syncing issues with Word. DropBox vs. Google Drive vs. SkyDrive vs. iCloud

8. Don – Hilton – cell charges outside the county; even when not using the phone.

9. Dave – Canandaigua – cynical comttuer user; “cloud” computing should be “fog” down on the ground!

10. Joann – Greece – (#7) only uses ancestry.com and family tree synced. Java?

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