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    With the multiple addition of our family’s wireless products, I would like to see what is accessing our wrt45g linksys router. Anything similar to the Linksys Easylink advisor? I see it’s no longer a supported program.



    If you are handy with Linux, a command-line program “netwatch” might do what you want. To see what goes on the wireless side of the router, the Linux computer would probably also need to be on the wireless side. In most routers, each LAN port (and the wireless is one) are outputs from the router’s switch, so they don’t see the traffic on the other ports.

    The computer running the Linux would not have to be very much! For that application, you would not even need any GUI. But, on the other side of the equation, setting up access into a wireless network with WPA security can be a real fun game.

    I am not aware of an equivalent program for Windoze. There might be something out there.



    Can’t you simply log into the router and see what computers are currently connected? When I ran Netgear routers here that worked well. The present router I am using is a TP-Link and that feature sort of sucks.

    The other option you might look at in the router is the logging function. It might give you the information you are looking for.

    Keep in mind using the Linux programs I referred to before, you will be dealing with you LAN IP addresses, unless you have fixed addresses for the clients on the LAN, and you enter those into your HOSTS file.



    If all you want to do is see what devices are connected, I often run nmap -sP but I would think most routers would have a “show connected devices” feature.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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