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    I run a multi-boot system (Linux, and Win 7, 8.1, and the 10 preview).

    Last night I did another update to the Win 10 preview. It had been at build 1079 before, I believe. This morning it had come up with the start to logging in. This time, there were several pages of legal things to accept, which I did. Hwy, this is only a trial version, right?

    When I got to my desktop the first thing different was the build number down in the task bar wasn’t there. Simply says “Windows 10”. I went looking thru the system to try and find what build I was on, and I am darned if I can find it!

    Under System, it says I am running Windows 10 Professional, and that it is activated. From all appearances it would look like I am no longer on a trial version. Am I?

    The trial previews, at least originally, were of limited life, and not upgradeable to a production version. So I have kept away from doing anything real important there. Do I have something I can really use now?

    I know the release date for Win 10 is at the end of this month. Did the lightning storm last night strike my computer, or was it a normal Microsoft strike?

    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Interesting! I haven’t cracked open my Win10 VM in a while; I’ll have to see what happens when I do. It sure sounds like you got the real thing, but nobody else on the Intertubes is talking about it, so I’m not sure what you’ve got.

    Are you part of the Microsoft Insider program?



    Apparently what I got was build 10240 — and this is supposedly the Windows 10 RTM version, so it should be close to the final. The watermark for the build version is gone from the lower right corner, and they say the expiration time bomb is also gone. It is being pushed as an update for both the Insider users in both the fast and slow circle.

    That version of Win 10 is available as an ISO, and they do provide a product key that is supposed to work.

    One other thing I noticed, apparently dragging your mouse in from the right side of the screen doesn’t do anything.

    Maybe I should start moving some applications over to it and see what runs. A copy of AVG from awhile ago did throw up 🙁



    HotDawg, I have not tried Windows 10. Is there a meaningful reason as to why I may wish to upgrade from my Windows 7 Pro ?



    For RacerBob (and others):

    I think the switch to Win 10 is going to involve a big learning curve. Microsoft has changed so many of the smaller ‘utilities’, both in what they do, and more importantly in how you find them (names) and what they do.

    Since Internet Explorer is gone — I wonder how you will get to some of the sites that demand that you use that for your browser. Case in point, for those that are in the Rochester area, and remember the ‘Fast Ferry’, the only way you could get tickets to that thing was online, and their site demanded you be running IE.

    So far, I haven’t found much that 10 has that 7 does not have. And, I think some things that were in 7, you won’t find in 10. Well, maybe at their ‘store’, and maybe on a subscription basis (buy it now, and buy it again, and again. . .).

    I run a multi-boot system, and probably will maintain both. May move everything over to a virtual box approach, as soon as I get that so it really knows what my video capabilities (and other hardware) are.

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