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    As the self-appointed leader of the Sound Bytes (Windows 10) resistance, here is another big brother update…

    I just got a ‘no choice’ update to my W10 test machine today. It reset ALL of my privacy settings back to full exposure, full reporting of usage and app data back to the mother ship and restored full third party info sharing. It also reset Edge back to ‘Default’ security (Read; NONE). It also turned some big ‘apps’ like Skype and MS store back ‘on’ for me.

    All this from the back door, unannounced and not notification.

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    This is exactly what Facebook has been doing right along, and nobody has been able to put a stop to it. So, if they can do it, why not Microsoft?

    That was one reason I took the Win 10 off the machines I had upgraded. Even in that rollback I sort of wonder what ashes are left from 10 that are reporting my activities back to Microsoft.

    Linux keeps looking better and better. Win 10 is simply spyware. Microsoft is in business to make money (nothing wrong with that), but if they are giving the operating system away for free, they must be figuring on making their money some other way.



    You two sound like you’re ready to switch to Linux. What’s keeping you?

    I like Linux Mint. You can download it here.



    I have experimented with Linux and did indeed like it. In my business however, our ‘Solid Works’ and CAD systems are Windows dependent. So is my accounting… That, at least for the time being, limits me in that respect.

    I have a test machine that has 10 on it, I will use that to stay current as I am a Geek to the bone an simply can’t resist peering into the gaping mwah from time to time. All my other machines have been purged of the W10 upgrade files.

    In reading the W10 license, it does appear to be a true standalone and IS portable, so in that respect, W10 is an Old School OS, with the exception of being a big fat slobbering data mining pig.

    This two way communication Window should be a real nice place for the Script Kiddies to set up shop.

    FaceBook? What’s a FaceBook???


    Rev 2

    Every time I look at Linux it looks like Amateur Hour. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong things.

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