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    I had the pleasure of discussing W10 with the guys last Sunday… My advice? Not so fast.

    I’m going all Nostradumb-us here.

    I believe 10’s last update will be to withdraw your free license. (Sorry, no restore point, they deleted that for you).

    Next, will be a notice that you have X amount of days to set up an account and begin paying or face a lock-out. Locking the OS, means locking out ‘YOUR’ stuff as well. (Say it after me: “Ransom Ware”).

    How much?… I see MS taking the Comcast/Time Warner play book and stamping Microsoft on the cover. Free for the poor (what ever they decide that is), marginal fees for students, non profits etc. and then a ‘Tiered’ approach for Joe and Josephine Six pack.

    Tier 1. Basic service, Internet, e-mail, simple data processing like Word Pad and Paint. A picture viewer perhaps, but very likely a bus load of ever changing cruft, adds and promos for stuff you apparently can’t live without. My first clue? No real add blockers for Edge,(AKA Explorer). Think crappy, self important, slow, cumbersome Chrome Book.

    Tier 2. A little upgrade over tier 1. Paid access to 360 perhaps, the ability to run second party software… What!? Yep, most anything you bought outside of MS may be very Windows dependent. That means the proper .DLL’s and other subroutines that support your stuff. I believe MS will compartmentalize the registry and make you pay to run stuff they didn’t sell you. Adds and nonsense? Sure, no charge.

    Tier 3. Business Class. Full Windows in all its glory. 360, run anything. Limited adds, Spyware, Viruses, poor memory management, damaging updates etc.

    Tier 4. Pro Cla$$. See above, only no adds.

    So now everyone is good and bent, your property (pictures, music, movies etc.) has been confiscated, enter the lawyers and the Washington wax museum we call congress. This thing is gonna be low hanging fruit for these folks. It will be a nice place to act like consumer advocates up front but ‘fact finding’ in the Bahamas on the Microsoft dime. I’ll keep up to date on my new Mac and see you down the road.

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Interesting! You could well be right. Remember, Microsoft has already said that the next version of Windows will be a subscription service. Tiered subscription? VERY possible!

    Well! Time to check out those Chromebooks, eh?


    Yep, my Chrome Book is now 3 to one on the usage meter. I IM’d you on FB with an idea. It’s just as cogent as this post.

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