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    Been listening to the podcast back from Nov 2 and here is my question.

    We have a desktop PC with XP…

    We have a wireless router hooked to our cable modem or hooked with..

    we use Netflix and Hulu and just cut the cord more or less with the cable TV people (although we kept the internet)

    Anyway, what I am trying to figure is this…

    We have a couple of DVD players which have wireless we get the above mentioned items. I want to figure how to have these devices see our computer so if I stream something off the internet via a browser, we can just sit and watch on the TV. (as in, some sites will stream a program the next day or later..so I can watch in the browser but I want to watch it on the TV without hooking a pc to the TV)

    The TV is not hi teck..no Hi def, no HDMI, no anything…

    how do I do this or can I do this?


    Do you mean you watch things other than Hulu and Netflix on your computer via a browser, and you want to be able to also watch those using the DVD players? Do the DVD players have web browser? If so, could you them that to watch the show, same as you do on your PC? I don’t think the DVD players would need to see your PC.



    Ray, What are the model numbers of the dvd player(s) you have? Chances of them seeing your computer is pretty low. An alternative would be to have something like either the Google Chromecast $35 (however this is HDMI only) which will accept Any Chrome page from your Computer that you could push to it.
    Another alternative would be something like the Roku, ($59 – 99) that you could install the Plex Media Player channel on it, and it could stream any local video that you had on your system, however you seem to be talking about watching Video from the Internet on your tv, and not local video on your tv. I haven’t played with the Apple TV. Maybe Steve could chime in on that one. Hmm, unless, as Christian pointed out, if those dvd player(s) don’t have a Web Browser installed on them, chances of you watching internet tv, from a regular channel like cbs.com will be very difficult.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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