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    With thousands of helpful posts on all manor of topics, and searchable to boot, why did it all go away? The oldest computer show and one of the older forums to support it and it’s time to start over? I can see that some members abused the idea of a (computer help forum) but did all that history have to disappear? If the database was to big to manage anymore you could have cut it by a third and just deleted current events.

    Such a loss, good luck with this though. Sorry to be so critical but this just looks and feels like every other seldom used Word Press forum out there. 17 years of content replaced by an add for an ultra book and blogs that came from God knows where.


    They didn’t intend to replace it. There was some kind of hardware failure which caused the old database to be corrupted or destroyed.



    Good thing they had multiple backups so they had a shot at recovering the data. Oh wait, the site is all new there must be no backup



    We’ll I’m sure they tried their best to fix it.



    It is my understanding that the server crashed ? As far as a back up, only Nick and the guys can answer that question.

    I tend to look at things lately with a much more open mind. Nick, Steve and Dave do this as a labor of love, not because they get paid for doing so. As much as I miss the old board (with the exception of a few of the areas that will not be mentioned in this post), I do understand why Nick chose to go with WordPress. This format allows the Soundbytes page to be tied in much tighter with the forum and indeed, we can reply to posts that are made on the main page weekly by the guys.

    I agree that a lot of history was lost from the old board. Certainly, people can no longer go there to post, but it can be somewhat accessed here, but only up until early 2012.


    I also wish that I was using the old board format right now to type this post in. I do wish also that some things at this board could be taken care of…such as us having the ability to post videos from YouTube and other sites and then being able to see the whole video and not just half a screen display. And finally, I wish that more of the many folks who frequented the old board…where are you Neb ?… would sign up here and start posting ! I miss interacting with many friends from that board and it seems that there is no mad rush by them to sign up for this board.

    So considering that the guys all have regular jobs and multiple regular jobs, I will be happy with what we have and look forward.



    The content is the only real loss that bothers me, I don’t hold grudges and wouldn’t blame them (for more than a day or so) if the change was choice. I might have asked for a copy of the database to retrieve a handful of lengthy useful help topics but other than that, C’est la vie. The front page is a better solution for current events, It’s all in their control now and should remain mostly about the future of IT, be it personal, scholastic or commercial.

    Crashed server is always a possibility, I believe there’s no backup like I believe that jet that was chancing Ironman went down due to an accident during training exercises.



    Racerbob is correct, albeit a little harsh.

    First, I like change, and I happen to like this reset, its new, modern, and a decent ‘socal media’ based design. I also like Windows 8 metro. I like a little challenge, finding stuff. AND IT’s NOT BLUE… AGREED NICK!!!

    I understand that there was a trust between the person in charge of the server and the guys. But, for whatever reason, this trust was not fulfilled. I don’t imagine that whomever was taking care of the system was getting paid to do so. Likely a big fan of the show just lending a hand. Just as likely, they have a job, kids, cars, lawns… lives. Sometimes there is no time for hobby’s and they get pushed to the bottom of the list.

    The loss of data, and lots of it is very real in a digital world. Anyone reading this has had it happen to them, no one is immune, not even class leaders like Nick, Steve and Dave. That will likely not change in the foreseeable future. I am personally awaiting the first major ‘Cloud’ failure, or malicious attack. It is absolutely inevitable as the digital world heads in that direction.

    I have had several instances of Malicious code and machine failures: Each left some data unrecoverable, even using the best of the care and practice. You simply can’t know every pitfall until you… uh, fall in the pit.

    A little tale of whoa… Even with Carbonite backing me up, the last crash I dealt with exposed a huge flaw in the way on line back up systems work with QuickBooks .qbw extensions. (If QB is open, the .qbw file, which is the ‘real time’ backbone of the program is NOT being backed up because it is in use by the system.) Any data entered will not be saved until the program is closed. Up til’ then, I might leave QB open for weeks at a time. All that data is unrecoverable.

    The lesson being, the back up of the old site may have been being done in good faith, the key word being faith.



    Harsh ? If you say so. I read what I posted above and detected nothing harsh in my post.

    But, speaking of backing up, I have learned to back up frequently. I store hardly anything on my laptop hard drive, but a lot of stuff in the cloud (Dropbox, Bob, Skydrive, etc) and on external devices. My new SSD drive is only 120 gigs anyway, but wow is it fast ! 🙂


    I am personally awaiting the first major ‘Cloud’ failure, or malicious attack.

    That’s happened already. There’s been many data loss incidents in the cloud.

    and successful attacks on the cloud are a regular occurrence. Not surprising, although cloud systems are expected to be better designed and better managed than the typical home PC, a cloud system is a much bigger target. Of course, some of these incidents you just have to laugh at.

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