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    I know Nick co. have been advocating “Foxit” as a replacement for Adobe’s pdf reader software for a while, so I thought this should be posted here.

    I grabbed the current version off of Foxit’s site and while running the installer, it offered “optional software” from Conduit; their search toy and another conduit program called “Search Protect”.
    Yes, there was an option to uncheck it, but considering just how nasty conduit is, I’m not about to trust anyone who will partner with them under any circumstances.

    For those who don’t know, Conduit is one of the nastier flavors of malware out there, it can cause severe damage to the machine.


    So much for Foxit. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will never install that again. If you are willing to lie down with scum like Conduit, I want no contact with you whatsoever.



    Maybe this could be used for a replacement.



    Here’s the master list:

    I use Evince mostly. I think Okular has more notation functionality. Sometimes after updating Firefox, it switches back to xpdf which is annoying. After the last update, Firefox seems to have added a built-in PDF viewer. Not sure if it’s using one of the other viewers behind the scenes.



    Thank you Annoyed for the heads up. Foxit has always been my favorite. I shall try something else. Conduit is indeed nasty.



    I didn’t like Foxit either, for the above mentioned reasons among others.

    I’ve been using Sumatra and so far so good. All I need is a reader and it is bare-bones, opens quickly, integrates with Firefox, has a clean interface.

    I used to post here, back when the radio show was on WHAM. (5 years ago?) I lost touch and just ran into the website again so I re-registered. I have no idea what my screen name was before. 🙁


    Welcome back, Bruce.

    I was just reading about PDF and learned something new. Some documents contain “flags” which specify if the user is allowed to do certain things such as print, make changes, copy out excerpts, etc. Not all readers are programmed to look for these flags though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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