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    Upgraded to the new version of Thunderbird, 31.0 I believe

    Seems now that we need to click “get mail” for every account we have, where before it would load them when we opened TB up. The boxes are checked to get mail, the time is set to like every 3 minutes. We have 3 RR email accounts and a GMail Account and all do the same thing where we need to get mail.

    Cannot find any option that has changed to cause this. We also have Avast if that means anything.



    I just opened TB and new messages automatically came down. I only use it for my RoadRunner mail and not gmail. Check the settings for all of your email accounts. Maybe changing the time will trigger some type of reset?



    That link does not help. When I do the tool/account settings/etc etc and see all my email folders, anytime I try to click on any it tells me there already is an account with that name…and I can see the folders where all the info is located

    Everything seemed to work just fine until this upgrade to the new version

    Each account has the boxes checked to load the messages right away, nothing has been changed that I can see

    Kind of clueless here. Wonder if there is a way I can load back down a version.



    Downgrading versions is usually dangerous since the old software doesn’t understand the new formats and might break something. Thunderbird releases so often, I’d just wait a week or two for the next update which might fix the problem.



    The latest stable version of Thunderbird is 31.1.0. As soon as I open up the program it checks my 6 e mail accounts automatically. What I would do is to backup your e mail and address book(s) using Mozilla Backup. But do not backup your settings or e mail accounts. All of these options can be checked and unchecked in the Mozilla Backup program.

    Get it here:

    Note where you save the backup file to in your computer. I suggest the Desktop. The file saves as a .pcv file.

    Then do a total uninstall of Thunderbird. Make sure that it is all gone.

    Reboot your computer and then to a clean install of the latest Thunderbird.

    Then set up your accounts. Super easy in Thunderbird because of it’s data base of server names, etc, for many e mail domains.

    Then close Thunderbird and run Mozilla Backup. Point it to the saved .pcv file and restore your e mail and address book(s) to Thunderbird.

    Make sure in the server settings that if you have pop e mail accounts set up that the “Automatically download new messages” is checked. As a matter of fact, before you uninstall, make sure that this box is checked right now.

    I personally have not experienced this issue that you are describing ever and I have used Thunderbird for a very long time.



    Like Racerbob, my Thunderbird checks for new mail on several accounts when started. Then, depending upon the account, it may check fairly often, or maybe not again.

    I am not seeing the problem the OP has. Here I am running Win 7 Pro (64 bit), and the Thunderbird is 32.0 on the Beta release. Might this be some interaction between the operating system version (and update status) and version of TB?



    I am running Windows 8.1 here. If you leave Thunderbird open it should check each account for e mail at the specified interval. I know that you can set the check for e mail time frame for each account. I am using imap for a few of my accounts and pop for the others.



    Firefox’s (so I’m assuming Thunderbird’s too) user profile directory can become corrupted. I was experiencing some strange Firefox problems, and deleting the user profile fixed it. You could try backing up your data as Racerbob said, then creating a new profile and/or deleting the current one. If the problem is with the user profile, then removing the entire program isn’t nessasary.

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