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    So I get another of those calls from some “windows Tech” telling me he will help get rid of malicious problems on my computer because they have detected such on my computer. Being the sort of frame of mind today I am in (aka tired and testy) I figure I will mess about.

    SO after I tell him I do not see anything when I am told to push a button here or there I do my call is breaking up routine, “I..hear…king…up…”

    They tell me it seems the call is not good will call back

    Call 2 – I answer in my high school spanish. I keep saying No Habla English and after 3 different peopel get on asking if I speakj English and I keep saying No Habla they hang up

    Call 3 – I try my German and again two people ask if I can or anyone can speak English? Nein I say

    Call 4 – when asked about windows I ask if I can get the crankout kind or maybe a picture window…

    Now they get into my computer and I say I dont have a computer and then they ask about if I want a loan…I say not really and then ask who am I speaking to..

    Micheal..where do you live Michael? California. Hey Michael how about those 49ers. Think they will get to the Super Bowl…then after a few more things which I can tell now the guy is getting the hint when he asks me things liek do I want to buy the Eiffel Tower or land on the moon, I tell him I think he missed his medication and hang up.

    Call again and I put the phone to the computer speaker and play the MP3 file that is like you get with the beep and the voice saying “All circuits are busy, please try later”

    They arent calling any more


    I don’t use the “all circuits busy” only because I want these calls. I let them talk to my computer and I record them all for later amusement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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