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    The other day I happened to pick up what appears to be a well-built power strip with surge protection.

    In reading over the instructions for it (was this a misteak?) I noticed where it was not to be used unless there was a minimum of 30 feet (10 meters) of wiring from the outlet back to the panel box.

    In talking to a couple electrician friends, I wasn’t able to find out why this restriction. So I dropped an email off to the manufacturer. They had no explanation, except that is an Underwriters requirement, and supplied me with a link back to where that is specified.

    Apparently that requirement applies to all surge protectors.

    In my house, with a centrally located main panel box (and a sub-panel) it is hard to find many outlets with that far out from the panel box they are fed from.

    Does anyone have an explanation as to why this requirement?



    I wonder if that applies to UPS also. Most products seem to have online manuals so you could see if other manufacturers make identical claims.

    I had the opposite requirement recently when I bought an air compressor. The power requirements were so close to the 15A limit, they specified a maximum of 40 feet from the breaker and a voltage of exactly 120V. I measured 42ft and 121V. Luckily it starts without tripping the breaker cause it would have been a PITA to lug it back to the store.



    I wonder how many people have any idea how many feet of wiring is involved from breaker box to an outlet?

    In the case of your compressor, I would think the gauge of the wiring would also be important. Number 12 wire will have less voltage drop that 14. I have a compressor in the garage that has a harder time starting when the temperature is low, and also when the tank already has pressure in it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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