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    Father in law has Roadrunner Lite for his computer, basically email and such.

    He will be moving from where he is to another location and it already has been set that he will have his TWC cable at the new location.

    TWC says we need to have a tech come to hook up the internet once he is settled in

    I figure that all I need is take the modem over there, hook it up as it is now and things will work.

    Is this true or do I need to get “a guy” to do this?


    I have a different type of service but I’m going to guess that they probably don’t need to do anything, especially not inside the house. I ended up having to get them to come out after trying the same thing. There’s a utility closet in my apartment complex and it turned out my connection in there wasn’t hooked up. You might try searching the Time Warner forums. I remember reading on there that customer service will often tell you something requires a “truck roll” when it actually doesn’t.

    Steve Rea
    Steve Rea

    Generally speaking, all you need to do is plug the coax cable into the cable modem. then the ethernet cable into the computer (or your wireless router).

    If you don’t have a coax cable in the room you want to have the computer, you probably do need to have them come and run it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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