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    In addition to the Adblock Plus add on for Firefox found here…

    Do not forget the Adblock Plus popup add on for Firefox…

    And something to help configure YouTube pages … (This is a great addition !)




    Yes, but Adblock Plus has a box on it that says to allow some non-intrusive advertising and if this is unchecked, then the allowed advertising is not seen.



    Right, that was mentioned in the thread I linked to. For anyone unfamiliar, Adblock Edge is the same program, except that all ads are blocked by default. It was created in response to Adblock Plus adding a feature which allows some ads until the user goes in and turns the option off. If someone really wants that “feature”, then Adblock Plus would be the way to go. If you really want to see some ads with Adblock Edge, you could edit the block list to enable specific ones.



    OK Fine, but as I read the reviews at the Adblock Edge site I have come to the conclusion that some of these people are too dumb to look at the options in Adblock Plus and uncheck that one little box that says to allow some ads. Amazing. No need to put down the original Adblock Plus program when Adblock Edge is based on the same code. But the comments that I am reading there are doing just that. Idiots.

    Like this comment….

    “After using Adblock Plus for several years, I finally got fed up with all of the ads being allowed through. After a bit of searching, I found Adblock Edge, and have been using it ever since. :)”

    or this….


    Previous long time user of Adblock Plus until they decided to change their Ad policy.Unacceptable, Adblock Plus, unacceptable, the entire point is to BLOCK ads, whether or NOT you think the ads are intrusive or not. An ad is an ad and if users want to block ALL ads they have the right to. Adblock Plus just, recently (past spring/summer), started receiving monies from larger firms (Google, Microsoft, etc…) to allow ads to pass through adblock plus.


    Adblock EDGE gives the users control back!

    Just one little box to uncheck. Takes literally 3 seconds to do. I am just wondering how good the Adblock Plus program would be if they did not accept the $$$ from companies on the allowed ad list ? How do these developers survive without charging for their programs ?



    Some of ’em just like sticking their thumb in the eyes of the advertising industry. I agree with their motivations for doing so.

    i understand that web sites have to pay their bills and am not opposed to unobtrusive ads such as simple banner ads and so forth. If they put a banner up for something I’m in the market for, I may look into it. Otherwise I can ignore it.

    But the ad industry isn’t satisfied with that. They’re far to greedy to be. So, we end up with advertising that interferes with the content you’re trying to see, but also collects information about your computer, your browsing history and whatnot. They also are tinkering with the operation of the DNS system, a core component of the tech behind the Internet to show you ads. Almost everything you type into the address bar (Awesome bar? Really, Firefox, leave your preschoolers home) is sent to advertisers so that you can be shown ads based on what you’re looking for. I could go on listing various ways the marketing industry has corrupted the Internet, but I don’t have all day.

    With the marketing industry resorting to these tactics, I feel no qualms whatever about blocking advertising using any means necessary.

    As far as Adblock/Adblock edge goes, if you’re not going to bother reading the installation screens from adblock that tell you that they’re going to allow some ads by default, and show you where to change this, I have no sympathy at all. Enjoy your advertising.

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