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    I ran out of time with the guys last week. I did not get a chance to offer a solution to the woman that called the 19th regarding old computers, tapes, VCRs et. el.

    I had a great deal of success on eBay for starters selling off my collection of Music oriented VHS tapes. I was able to sell a tired but upper end VHS machine to the same guy. (99% of broken video machines and cameras just have a bad or broken belt. Literally 30 cents to repair.) Open conversations with buyers on eBay! If you stay with in the EB system you are completely anonymous and the transaction is safe. Many buyers are re-sellers and are looking to buy collections.

    Also, hit up flea markets with a list of what you have. Makes models, take pictures! Its HUGE fun; talk to the folks selling Cassette tapes, older TVs, radios and electronics. These are, for the most part, decent and fare people willing pay cash for certain items. Three years ago I sold my old, very used Vic-20, my c-64 and a 128 with 4 commodore floppy drives for $250.00!! Now, mind you, I’m nuts, so I had some of the boxes, cords along with misc. disks, odds and ends, and they were in working order. It sure beat tossing the stuff!

    Some of the original Apple stuff is still worth money to collectors in any condition. I saw and Apple ‘Lisa’ on a table at the Avon flea a while back at an asking price of $120.00!

    Anyway, punch your list into Google, E-bay etc. some of it will be junk to be sure, but you just might be throwing a few hundred bucks away!

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