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    Rev 2

    I recently left XP for 7. I have been using 7 for a few months and have noticed no advantages whatsoever. If I could go back to XP screens, I would be much happier.

    But the geeks say that somehow 7 is better. Okay, fine. I’ll use 7. In fact, I am using 7. Everybody is dissing XP users because they think we don’t want 7 but that is not correct. What we don’t want is the silly-looking and troublesome 7 user interface.

    And that’s a misunderstandinng that fuels big unhappiness. If we only had the opportunity to retain our user interface, we’ll use any darn operating system that Microsoft wants to shove down out throats. THAT is the issue. Not the operating system.

    Users don’t love XP. People love the environment that they have spent ten years refining, and don’t want to go through the damn hell I just went through figuring out what Quick Launch meant and and what the Start Menu was, which I totally depended on and didn’t have any more…

    Geeks, on the other hand, love new stuff and frustrating games. You can see why new interfaces are positive experiences for them.

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    This post was inspired by my own experience, of course, and that of a caller on I think the November 8 show? He was saying how changing Operating Systems was disruptive, which is undeniably true. But neither the caller nor the experts glommed onto the idea that people should be able to modernize the mechanical stuff without having to die and wake up on another planet. Cars have steering wheels, accelerators, and brake pedals. Cars had steering wheels, accelerators, and brake pedals 70 years ago. But somehow cars managed to get better without screwing everything up.

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    You should try the User Interface Environment we had for computers 70 years ago!



    No problems at all running Windows 7 Pro here. In fact, I switched back to it from Windows 8.1 because I sort of missed it. LOL.


    If only there was an OS which separated the core operating system from the user interface, so you could upgrade the former without upgrading the later…



    There is… it’s called Linux!

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