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    I’m kind of new at this ear bud thing. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 PRO that I use at home. I prefer speakers over headphones.
    I’m one of the few these days to also prefer an MP3 player over my feature phone for music playing and leave the phone for texting and calls.

    So there I was at Walmart in the wee hours looking at mobile earphones and totally lost. I read the specs on the packages and that really didn’t help much. How can something so tiny be rated at 5-20khz? Maybe in a lab with a sine wave.
    I chose Sony MDR-J10. They’re not bad for what they were designed for.
    I’m wanting more bass and messing about with the EQ on my Sansa Fuse hasn’t helped much.

    Is there a way to read reviews or specs to have an idea if a make/model is right for you before buying it?

    My question is still valid even though I bought a pair of iLuv iEP322RED City Lights In-Ear Earphones – Ultra Bass – Red on as a low budget starting point. Ultra bass for $5.95?! I’m not expecting too much.
    I have on my shopping list: Brainwavz R1 Dual Dynamic Speaker In-Ear Earphones and JVC HAFX40B Carbon Nanotube Coated Inner Ear Secure – Fit Headphone.
    The Brainwavz have me blown away. A 2-way earphone? The drivers are so tiny how can they be balanced so the high end doesn’t hit you first? It can be done electronically, but is it and can a 2-way design be better then a single driver?

    I’m willing to “blow” $5.95 on a test earphone then $40 and up without knowing if it sucks or not. This seems almost as bad as trying to find the perfect fitting off the rack underwear.
    Any input and opinions from the SB community would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.

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