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    I have Dell XPS, Win 7 home premium, 64bit, standalone home desktop, with 2 users, both Administrators ( Cathy and Ron ) Life was good.

    Yesterday, for reasons unknown to me, Win 10 installed itself.
    Now, I only have “Ron” as a user.
    I really need to get “Cathy” back as a user option.
    I looked under C/users and the “Cathy” folder is there and about the same size as the “Ron” folder.
    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Seems like it should be simple, but I can’t figure it out
    I’m in the doghouse big time around here.



    This isn’t really answering your question — but if you were happy with Win 7, why not just roll the update back to Win 7? In other words, undelete the forced update change to Win 10.

    If you can, before you do that, run off a good backup of what you have now. I have undone the Win 10 updates on several (4) computers, and in each case had no problems. You have a month window where you can do that, but the sooner probably the better.

    Then download a copy of Never10 (from the http://GRC.COM site) and run that. That is a nice little utility that lets you lock out the Win 10 forced conversion, and to enable them again if you want.

    As Nick has pointed out, the end-of-life point for Win 7 has arrived and support just isn’t there anymore. But I still seem to be getting updates for my Win 7, and as long as none of those are designed to really break Win 7 (which I suppose is next) you might as well enjoy it.

    On the backup of what you just got updated to, if you keep that around then you already have your Win 10 for some time in the future should you want it for free — which it still is.



    As a suggestion — what you may try:

    It’s possible that Cathy is just not being shown as a possible default login option when you boot.

    After you have booted up into Ron, if you do a log out — then would Cathy be shown as a possible user? Seems I have been able on some systems set up users but have the initial boot go direct into one particular user. To get to one of the hidden users, the log out – log in sequence made them available.


    Windows 7 is officially supported through January 14, 2020.



    Yes and no 🙂 — Win 7 regular support ended in January 2015, now it is in the extended support phase until the date Christian mentioned.

    During this period they will continue to offer security updates. Anything else you would need to pay for. For instance, if I wanted help from them on my constant STOP 3B BSOD, it would cost me money.

    I suppose if you needed their help in rolling a forced upgrade to Win 10 back to Win 7, you would have to pay.



    Thank you so much guys!

    I’m going back to Win 7 after I do a backup here.
    ( probably will have to get a new Seagate dashboard for 10 first )
    Then I’ll stick in Never10 ( Didn’t know it existed )
    I have a Win7 (month old) backup, if needed.

    Part of my problem was the unexpected timing of the update. I wasn’t prepared with backups, tutorials, Win 7 shells, case of beer, and a large block of free time.

    The missing user is the real problem, and I’ll continue trying to figure that out before (if) I try 10 again.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate the help.



    You might like to explore this:
    Open a RUN box (Windows key + R)
    Enter: “control userpasswords2” (without the quotes!)

    I think that works in both Win 7 and 10, and probably 8.1.

    That lets you control what users can log in without passwords, and such.

    I tried to set up a second user on the 10 test box here, and found I had to have an email address for the user, supply full name, date of birth, and so on. And, the password for that account has to be known to Microsoft — which I assume gives them to hooks to log in to my computer at any time. And we worry about Google tracking us :-)?

    Maybe you need to expose more information about Cathy to Microsoft before she is allowed to use their computer that is in your house.

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    I did go through the Microsoft e-mail, password etc. for both of us. (They already had mine)
    Then I tried to make “Cathy” a family member without giving them the info. Just like you would do for a child. ( just click on the highlighted text at bottom of the info box pages to bypass )
    Microsoft said I couldn’t use “Cathy” so I used ‘Cathy1″ and tried to rename the user folders so “Cathy1” would have the old “Cathy ” user setting. Didn’t work. Probably a big mistake on my part. The “Cathy” folder is now empty.
    I now have 10 different users here like “default” and “Default.migrated” “default appPool” “Public” “TEMP”
    It’s a mess……
    Back to Win 7 and regroup!
    Thanks again

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