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    So, trying to set up our roadrunner email on the iMac in their Mail program/icon

    No luck

    The address is basically like

    but cannot get it to recognize the email. Managed to fool it to put the POP3 in there, but still will not work and after reading various links, nothing works

    In our Thunderbird on our old PC it was and the outgoing was

    the iMac mail seems to not like this




    Ok tried even more

    apparently creating the mail and holding the option key allows me to chose pop

    but still once I enable, it asks for a password, I enter and it will not recognize anything

    trying to research roadrunner email using Yosemite is giving me ideas but nothing works

    what I have from the old Thunderbird

    incoming is
    outgoing is

    nothing works



    OK ignore my diatribes

    I think I have it working now

    what a cluster

    following some info off TWC seems to work, although in parts one has to use the and others

    not sure why this is the way it is, but so far it seems to work

    Steve Rea
    Steve Rea

    Generally, you don’t want to use POP any more.
    POP downloads the files to your computer and won’t sync with any other device, like a phone or tablet.
    That means when you delete the message on the computer, you will have to delete the same message on the phone, and delete the same message on the tablet.

    IMAP is a better option if you have multiple devices.
    Everything is synced through the server.

    For Road Runner, you can use and the IMAP and SMTP server. That also means you can send mail when you are not connected to the RR service.


    I usually setup one device as POP and IMAP for the rest so the POP device will have a permanent copy of all my messages but the other devices will still be able to access mail going back a few months. You can keep a local copy of all messages using IMAP but some mail clients make this easier than others.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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