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    I have a Macbook air A1466 that would not boot. Upon hearing the apple chimes I hit command +r and brought up the disk utilities. I was able to bring up the disk utility but the only disk showing is disk0 (Mac OS X Base System) The only option is to verify the disk, repair is greyed out. It seems that the drive is not being recognized. The Plan was to reinstall Mountain Lion via recovery, but there is no drive to select.

    Is this a sign of a defective pcie drive or is it an issue with the logic board? I hate to spend for a drive only to find there is some other issue. Any help is appreciated.



    I’ve always wanted a Mac guys, I just can’t afford the dang things. Would absolutely love to be a part of that very special, select, self-inflating community…but I just can’t afford them.

    I’ll have to stick with the proud corruption of microsoft (lowercase “m”) and try not to complain about it.

    Steve Rea
    Steve Rea

    The only way to tell is the try a different drive and see if the board recognizes it.

    Or, if you can try that drive in another Mac that uses the same connector.

    If you do get a new drive, check their return policy if you need to return it.

    You could also take it to an Apple Store or other Apple repair shop and let them test the parts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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