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    We’re warned that we ought to avoid installing Java on our machines because it’s so prone to being hacked. I’ve uninstalled it from my machines.

    We hear LibreOffice and OpenOffice being touted as good, free, open source subs for MS office. But, they require Java!

    So, should we live safely Java-free or use free software??

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    Maybe have it installed, but restrict it from the browsers using it? Seems some of those add-ons for browsers can be set to never run, or run only if you OK it.

    I think the chances of malware hitting your machine thru LibreOffice or OpenOffice are far less than something your browser gets tangled up with. Just be careful what you open as an attachment in emails!


    Agree with HotDawg. Java is the most popular language for programing today. All big companies use Java internally to run their business. Go ahead and use Java, just not in your browser.



    Facts: Internet Explorer has used the Temporary Internet Files folder for the Java Temporary Internet Files.

    IE obviously has a setting to Delete Browsing History on Exit.

    Many users of Enterprise workstations like to lock their computers rather than restart.

    JRE releases updates regularly, sometimes twice in a month. Security patches become included in those.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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