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    So wife and I are just looking at new computers…the one we have now, old old old….and has XP…

    seems that when we looked at Macs and looked at Windows machines, most are now an “all in 1” machine which means you get a monitor (which has all the inner workings of the CPU and maybe a few USB ports on back), a keyboard and a mouse. The Mac mouse was bizarro world…kind of like a touch roller pad but you had to depress it to make it click…

    So, I find this interesting in that it means no clunky CPU box with wires, but then where does one, or how does on use a CD ROM Disc to install software if required?

    note: we have always used windows machines but with the Iphone and Ipad we have, we do have a working knowledge with Apple



    As far as the lack of a CD ROM drive, you can get external USB drives. The one I have is supposed to run off two USB ports, but I found it seems to work great with just one connected. Maybe the second USB port is used to make sure there is enough power?

    A lot of software now can be written to a thumbdrive instead of a DVD — so that is another option for installation.

    And, I have a floppy external drive! Not really 100% like an internal drive, but close enough for most purposes. Now, if they would only make those for 5 1/4 floppies 🙁



    I think smaller and cloud storage is the wave were in right now. All in ones are more prevalent because they are easier to build these days. I’m more of a fan of mini computers. Still the same issues with needing accessories like DVD drives but I’ve found with my Mac Mini I rarely use the DVD. in fact it’s in a drawer and only comes out a few times a year. I don’t need a lot of specialty software anymore and most of what I use is free, cheap or easily downloadable. The Mac’s can be pricey and there are cheaper Windows alternatives to mini computers. Mine is three years old now and seemed a little slow in certain areas but after maxing out memory at 16 GB and replacing the hard drive with a solid state, I am sure I’ll be happy for years with it. If it’s affordable and you don’t need a ton of storage, SSD drive upgrades are like night and day compared to other marginal improvements.


    Did a quick search at Best Buy. I’m still seeing lots of desktop towers, so I’m sure you could get one if that’s what you want. As they said on the show, you can always buy an external CD/DVD drive. I think you’d be happy with Apple, as long as you’re not dependant on some program which only runs on Windows. When choosing an OS (Mac, Windows, or even Linux), decide what programs you absolutily must have, and see what OSes they’re available on. Popular apps such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice and VLC are available on all. Other times, the apps are different but do the same thing. If you need to burn a CD, do you really care if you’re using Nero, iTunes, or Brasero?

    One final thought is that your choice of OS might not be that important at all. Any computer with OS X, Windows, or Linux can run VirtualBox. This free app allows you to install multiple operating systems and run them all at the same time!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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