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    Maybe someone can explain to me a mystery about WiFi networks

    Iphone 5s’s and using latest version 8.1.1. We have looked wehter the phone serial number is on the Apple list for bad batteries and not on it…anyway

    Normally, at home they access our WiFi network and everything is more or less BAU

    Wife (and later me) were at the hospital visiting her father. We are on the hospital guest network

    Got full strength as far as the indicator goes.

    and yet…battery use dropped quickly over time to where her phone needed to be plugged in

    looking later, shows that 41% of the batter use was “phone-low signal” which apparently is the phone searching for a better signal but it was on a wifi so why the usage?

    I noticed mine also seemed to drop quicker in the pan of a couple hours and hardly using, it was from 77 to 59%.

    Not fetching email and again the big use according to the indicators was the low signal…



    Looks like it was the cellular radio using up the battery rather than the wifi. Not all phone features make use of wifi, and the phone is constantly searching for or communicating with a cellular tower for various purposes.



    I know my phone, when it is in a weak signal area, really sucks the battery down fast. Possibly the phone’s output is cranked up when it detects the weak signal.

    Another thing that puts quite a drain on the battery is the blue tooth. If you don’t need it at the moment, turn it off.



    Ok so if I understand it and correct me if I am wrong, the wifi would be more for data on the phone and the phone still is searching for a good signal from a tower via the radio and not doing calls over wifi?



    That is correct — at least for my phone. Obviously, if you want to make sure as to which way the data goes, you would have to turn off the cell connection. For my phone, when I put it in airplane made, that turns off all connections, then I can turn on the individual connections that I want. But, with both the cell and wifi on, data requests go thru any established wifi connection, and the cell connection is still used for phone calls and sms messages.

    Bottom line tho — each of those connections you have on, you are adding the the battery drain.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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