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    I don’t usually us IE but I have a few websites that don’t seem to like firefox or chrome. The problem is the website asks for a phone number requireing – between each part of the number IE lets me do that but the other 2 won’t. For some reason I no longer have an icon on my destop and it is difficult to find IE when looking through programs. I currently have IE as my default to save searching for it. Any suggestions?



    What operating system are you running? My OS of choice here is Win 7.

    In Win 7, if you can find IE in the START menu of programs, then if you do a right-click on it, the drop-down menu will give you possible choices of Pin to Taskbar and Pin to Start Menu.

    If you want the IE icon on the desktop, I think f you can find it in the START menu, then you should also be able to drag it to the desktop. If that takes it off the START menu, then right click on the icon on the disk top, you can pin it on the Start Menu.

    Haven’t played with the Win 8 here enough to know if these things work with that.



    Windows Power Toys (available since the NT4 days I think) as I recall allows you to check/uncheck which icons appear on your desktop. It wouldn’t be the “native” icon (which is a registry entry), but you could find iexplore.exe and create a shortcut to it on your desktop.



    Running Vista Business edition. I would be happy to find it on START menu lie I do firefox. Don’t have to have it on desktop.Found iexplore.exe.It took me to another website thatdidn’t look it would help.



    Guess I am confused. When you found IEXPLORE.EXE (and opened it) it took you to a website? That would be the website you have set for it to open when you bring it up. That can be your HOME page, or another one you designate.

    I run IEXPLORE version 10. Your version may be different, but you can try this:
    (1) Bring up IEXPLORE
    (2) Click on the little gear in the upper, right corner
    (3) Select “Internet Options”
    (4) On the “General” tab you can set what site you want it to bring up initially, and your HOME page.

    I think I already covered, the best I can, how to get it on the START menu, task bar, and desktop.



    OH, you were so dang close.

    If you find IExplore.exe, right click on it, and select Create Shortcut on the dropdown menu!

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    Or ‘Pin to Start Menu’.

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