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    I run Windows 7 SP1. I have removed Silverlight since I don’t think I need it, and have read where it may be a security risk.

    When I look at available updates, there is an optional update (KB2617986) that is an update for Silverlight. Since I don’t have Silverlight, I sure don’t need to try and do an update to it. Either that would reinstall Siverlight, or throw an error. So, I figure to get around that is simply to hide the update.

    I have successfully hidden updates before, and have no problem with that — except this one won’t stay hidden. The next time the box checks for updates, whether on it’s schedule, or when I do it, that update is right back there.

    Does anyone know what goes on? Or, do I really need it?



    If it is an optional update, why are you worried about it ? I have 33 optional updates sitting in my Windows 7 Pro update list and there they sit.



    You make a good point, Racerbob. I find most (not all) of the optional updates beneficial, and make an effort to install them if they will be of value.

    As I type, there is one (besides the Silverlight thing) that I will install. That is a Definition Update for the Microsoft Security Essentials. Why they have that in the optional category I don’t know.

    On the other hand, my video card is a nVidia product, and the manufacturer keeps the drivers updated. The same drivers will eventually show up, after getting blessed by Microsoft, as optional updates. Since Microsoft runs so far behind, almost every update for the video card is obsolete when they offer it — and the updating process throws an error. So I hide those.

    Rather than have the optional list get large, I like to install those I need, and hide the ones I don’t want.



    Update on this. Turns out the Silverlight updates I have been hiding are not the same updates. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, have been offering me a string of updates, one at a time — and I have been doing my hide thing on each of those.

    I now have 13 different updates hidden, and they have run out of updates to offer me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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