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    Rev 2

    This business of avoiding evil organizations on the Web is getting complicated. Mozilla was outed last week as being run by vicious bigots, Chrome is Google and Google is the Borg.

    And Chrome ignores my settings or does goofy unexpected things in response to inputs to settings. Internet Explorer is famous for being incompatible with web standards, and Opera demands to throw stuff on your screen that you don’t want. And it does goofy, user-hostle things too.

    Does anyone know of a browser that isn’t a ticket to hell, either by using it or in my karma?



    I mostly use Iceweasel. On one computer I have Midori installed but I don’t use it much. It’s a lightweight browser which is compatible with most (all?) Firefox plugins. You might also try using Chromium which is the same as Chrome without some Google specific features.

    I occasionally use Opera but haven’t noticed the things you describe. Maybe my version is different.

    I’ve used and liked other browsers too but the mainstream ones are the most useable and have the most features.

    Here’s the big list.

    A lot of people have contributed to Firefox besides Brendan Eich. I wouldn’t worry about one person’s private views.


    Rev 2

    The vicious bigots are the people who removed Eich, and they’re still there.

    Eich believed the exact same thing as Barack Obama at that time. Eich believed the exact same thing as Hillary Clinton at that time. Eich believed the exact same thing as 7 million California voters at that time, who incidentally won.



    I misunderstood. Unfortunately, nowadays, every little detail of public figures can be taken and exploited by a vocal minority. It looks like the vast majority of people at Mozilla supported Eich. Firefox itself is bigger than the Mozilla corporation. If Mozilla were to disappear tomorrow, Firefox would be adopted by another group.

    I hope other free software organizations remain focused on their core mission and avoid getting co-opted by other (potentially conflicting) movements which risks alienating supporters. I have a small beef with the FSF in this regard but I’ll continue to support them because I believe the overwhelming majority are only focused on the software.



    I recently loaded Chrome and moved to Gmail. The two work well together. Chrome is very simple, lacking features of IE that I used to use. But, it has ADBLOCK plug-in that works great, making the browsing experience much faster & nicer.


    Rev 2

    If working correctly is any criterion at all, Chrome is absolutely horrible. It ignores settings. I normally have browsers open with images I have stored in the cloud. Everybody can open them but Chrome, who gives me an error message saying that the file doesn’t have a css file assoviated with it. Yeah, images don’t usually have image files associated with them. Chrome cannot play NPR’s Morning Edition most of the time. It’ll play one story and stop or two stories and stop or play two stories and then start playing Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Every time it opens up it opens three blank tabs. I want it to open with a blank tab, which apparently is okay because a blank tab does have a css file associated with it, but I don’t need three of them.

    It is a @#$%^&g disaster.
    And it is Google. And Google is the Borg.



    You might want to give Pale Moon a try. If you were generally happy with Firefox the way it used to be, this might be an answer for you. It is based on the Firefox source from before Mozilla went nuts trying to look like Chrome.

    Nice thing with browsers, you can have several installed (but only one default) and run several at the same time if that’s what you would like. (Do need more memory maybe.)



    Very, very, very happy here with Pale Moon. I do not like the recent changes that Mozilla has made to the Firefox browser…particularly the new Australis versions. Pale Moon rocks.



    Found a couple more for you.

    These are lightweight browsers designed to use less system resources than Chrome or Firefox, although they don’t have all the advanced features of those browsers.

    I’ve used Midori before and liked it. I still mainly use Firefox because I’m used to it, and my version hasn’t been screwed up yet. I’m guessing Qupzilla is pretty similar (to Midori), with a slightly different look. They both use the same rendering engine as Chrome, so web pages should look the same as on Chrome.

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