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    You guys just had to bring up Greenlight ! And then Nick had to start bragging about having their service once again ! ( Note: Disclaimer…this feigned anger is only a joke ! )

    But seriously, it is time that Greenlight does what you do on the pot or get off the pot. Seriously. I paid my $10 deposit in July, 2015. We are not even close to getting Greenlight. My area is stuck at 35% of their goal for subscribers in my established Webster district. I would be more than willing (are you listening Greenlight ?? ) to pay $10 more a month for whatever service level I subscribe to with them to help defray cost of advertising. Yes, advertising. A dedicated mailing to homes that are in their already established future (as soon as we reach 100% of our goal) construction neighborhoods is what they should be sending out and Greenlight itself needs to apparently at least try to hire more people and expand their business. There are many, many areas of this county that has not been touched yet. Nothing at all in the town of Greece, for instance.

    Greenlight should not leave it up to us to spread the word. I am trying to spread the word as much as I can to people who live in my town and in my neighborhood, but I do not receive a pay check from Greenlight. This is oh so very frustrating because Spectrum (formerly TWC) is coming and they are not in any hurry (apparently) to offer Maxx level speeds that we were about to get from Time Warner. Speaking of which, it is time for you guys to get Phil Dampier back on for another great hour (the previous show that he ws on before was great and very informative) to let us know the latest news on internet service providers in our area. Specifically Spectrum and how soon they will be doing any meaningful upgrades. Maybe you could get one of the Greenlight spokespersons to come in the show ?

    I could go on forever, but I shall stop now. Oh, by the way, our Webster Greenlight and Internet Facebook group can be found here. Feel free to join us ! Peace all.

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