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    Can someone explain to me how the Google phone number voice works?

    The situation is that at some point, we may use a personal cell phone (smart phone) to also do business, email and email with documents), etc. Got to wondering, if one wanted to also get a google phone number, how would you use that number and how does it work?

    Can one be called on it? Can you have it forwarded to your cell phone number?



    I have a Google Voice number and I mainly use it for incoming calls. I have the number forwarded to my cell number. I also like the fact that I can block phone numbers on it. Everything you want to know is pretty much covered here…

    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    You can use a Google Voice number exactly like you do a regular phone. You can make calls, take calls, forward calls, send and receive texts… Pretty much anything. It serves as voicemail. You can do conference calls. It will record phone calls. It’ll even transcribe calls. My two favorite things are custom messages for different callers (individually or by group), and the fact that you can set up a call widget on a Web page so that you can provide tech support or whatever.



    And, you can set it up so inbound calls get routed to more than one number. I have a number that when people call it my home landline rings, also my cellphone, and the phone at a remote vacation spot. The first phone to answer gets the call, but simply hitting the “*” transfers the call to the other phones.

    The biggest problem I’ve run into on that is where you have multiple answering machines all waiting to pick up the call, and I don’t believe you can turn off the Google Voice mail, either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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