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    I see where Ford has fired Microsoft as the provider of software for the Ford Sync system. They will be turning that over to Blackberry.

    Where does that put present Ford users as far as updates and patches?



    I wonder if we’ll see 3rd party firmware for cars like we have for routers and other devices.



    As if texting while driving isn’t bad enuf – now we’ll have facebooking & tweeting while driving?

    It probably outta be interlocked with the speedometer!



    Well, the Ford Sync does lock out some features when you are moving, but they don’t tell you (as near as I’ve found) just which ones they are. Even my TomTom that I had used did that, also.

    Both support voice recognition, altho I haven’t played with that yet. Not sure if that might be as confusing to the driver as some of the other things that are known to be bad.

    I had a Garmin GPS that took great delight in calling an old girl friend at random. Must have been picking something up from the radio talk show — but why always the same gal? Maybe the Garmin and her cell phone had something going?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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