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    Uploaded the new version and what a piece of garbage. Seems the FIrefox people took lessons from the ITunes and Facebook people and just changed things because they felt it was better for the users…

    Everything was changed, took ages to try to customize things where I like, cant find anywhere for icons with text.

    Tried to go back to Version 28 and while it is kind of back to what I know, I cant find anything to add a tab or anything.

    This may be where I stop with Firefox altogether.



    I guess Mozilla thinks that eliminating things that people use is an improvement 🙁 — there is a discussion of this at:
    (and if that doesn’t work, try)

    As an alternative, another browser, Pale Moon, might be to your liking. It is based on Firefox — like it used to be.



    Still on version 24 here, but I’ve seen a lot of other people complain about this.

    Just like there is Classic Shell for Windows 8, there is something called Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox. I haven’t used it but others who dislike the new Firefox theme said it works well.



    Absolutely and positively no problems here. Loving Firefox 29.0.1 on three different computers.

    If you are not liking the user interface that the latest release of Firefox presents to you, I very, very highly recommend a wonderful add on called Classic Theme Restorer. I am a Firefox man through and through. Classic Theme Restorer allows you to configure your browser in more ways than you can imagine. Get it.



    There was a discussion this week about Mozilla deciding to partner with Adobe to included DRM for streaming media in future versions of Firefox. This would allow services such as Netflix to stop depending on plugins like Flash or Silverlight, because those features would be built into the browser. Mozilla has long been a critic of DRM, however they relented because they feared users would abandon Firefox if it stopped working for streaming services such as Netflix. Others argued that if we just educated users about the evils of DRM, they would stay. I don’t believe that’s a realistic scenario myself, but as Firefox users, what do you think? Would you stay with Firefox even if it became more difficult or impossible to use for certain paid streaming services?



    I do not use paid streaming services. And I do understand that Firefox reluctantly gave in on the DRM deal.

    My needs are rather simplistic. Ease and convenience of use is important to me. Chrome is inconvenient for me to access my many, many bookmarks that are all organized into separate directories. Firefox allows me to run neat add ons such as No Squint and Social Fixer for Facebook. (Chrome has that one available also)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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