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    I’m looking for a decent backup program (free or paid) that will work properly with the new UEFI boot sequence of today’s computer systems (I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro in a Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition – has a small 30GB SSD running in RAID with the 2TB HD for speeding up the boot up process – thus the “Special Edition” monkier).

    I have used Acronis True Image 2015 to try to recover using its backup version, but that program doesn’t want to allow booting after the recovery process. I am up in arms and mad as h*** that the backups I have been creating on this system don’t work at all!

    It’s required me to rebuild my computers (2 of them) from bare metal requiring a minimum of two days apiece to get them back up and limping along – much longer to finalize all the niggling configurations of all the programs that need to be installed.

    Help me please to find a WORKABLE backup solution so that I can restore my systems in as little time as possible in the future. I would prefer a way to create an image file with a single differential file (updated monthly) to a NAS drive system.

    Any ideas that will work would be appreciated.

    PS – love your show (but miss Uncle Dave rants)



    I hear you! I used Acronis for years and all my back ups were validated. When I installed a solid state drive and tried to clone, NaDa. It wouldn’t even find the drive after I tried all their “fixes”. Hell, Windows cloning works better and its free.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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