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    Dan Warren

    Email with the above topic came thru on 11/12. I don’t use Outlook so I didn’t open it. Just wondering if the email was legit?



    I have Road Runner and have not been informed of any settings changes. I am in the Hudson valley so it may be different. Go to the TWC website and see if there is an email settings page.



    moody has sound (bytes 🙂 ) advice: it may be more annoying, but never follow links in email. If an email says you should/must update your Outlook (or email) settings, manually enter into your Web browser of choice, and look for email settings manually. Also be wary of following any advice in an email. Absent that, try Google with the qualifier. Or, there’s always +1-866-668-6044 (IIRC), or any of a number of TWC phone numbers.

    Yeah, you might want to go back and read that email. TWC and any of a number of companies are so afraid of being generic (email) and are so starry-eyed with Microsoft that they’ll mention their specific product (Outlook) for fear that the mass hoardes won’t understand the generic term….so “all” email is “Outlook.”

    Having said all that, I didn’t get an email from them. But then again I have some moderately radical antispam measures, so considering how they’re occasionally incompetent, they may not made it through my “shields.” And furthermore, I really don’t care because my email is, not Time-Warner’s.

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    And, you can always do a “view source” on a suspect email and poke thru the headers. I would consider an email that originated in some far-off country to be suspect. And, very few legitimate large companies will be using a Yahoo email address.

    I believe viewing the source is safe. Just don’t follow any links provided.



    I only use my Time Warner main e mail account for receiving billing notices and for TW bill payment confirmation e mails from Time Warner. I have a couple e mail addresses and a couple Hotmail addresses…one of which that I have had for 13 years or so now. Of course, I have the prerequisite GMail account that I need to have for my Android phone. All of my e mail accounts, with the exception of GMail are set up in my Thunderbird e mail program.

    One thing that is useful is that I have iMap server settings set up for the Outlook and Hotmail accounts and most importantly, the one thing that I have noticed is that the connection security for those accounts is SSL/TLS where as for Time Warner e mail there is none ?

    I like the fact that I can access my e mail in Thunderbird (or any other e mail program) rather than having to go to the website and another reason why I do not take advantage of my ISP provided e mail accounts is that IF I decided next year, for example, to switch service providers to Frontier (I might…if they upgrade my neighborhood’s speed…I hear that is coming), then I do not have to inform everyone that I have a new e mail address once the Time Warner address goes away.

    To the OP…treat the e mail that you received as spam. Nothing more, nothing less.



    It is best that you don’t do nothing and ignore it, as sometimes, in many similar cases, this is somehow a type of phishing which means they masked the real IP or site exposing and using one that is known to make it look legitimate. Hover your mouse to every link and see if the possible redirection site could lead to genuine address. Unless they are offered by third party mail service provider you trusted like this one, you can always have peace of mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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