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    Face it, Nick, the Google Hangout is more trouble than it’s worth. And makes for very bad radio. You should either forget the hangout, or rename the show “The Google Hangout Debug Show”

    Other than that distraction, I really enjoy the show!



    I use the IRC channel instead of the Hangout. It seems to always just work. I wish we could go back to that as the official hangout. No video but that’s what UStream and Youtube are for.


    Rev 2

    It hasn’t escaped me that EVERY TIME I light up the show by the hottest computer experts in Rochester, they’re all frazzled trying to make something work.

    Gentlemen: That don’t look good. I like my radio shows a little funky, but that don’t look good.



    Def agreed on the above comments. Between google and youtube there are an array of user options that are either impossible to find (like comments under our own videos now) as well as functions. Ditch it. AND…ustream has been great for the past couple years until about a month or two ago; the sound is messed up, so I haven’t bothered using it for a while. It is extremely loud and distorted. If the issue is on your end, fix that instead and ditch hangouts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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