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    Hopefully this is the right forum.

    How does one convert files from linux to MS?

    odt to doc
    odg to ppt
    ods to xls

    playing around with Mint, and want to figure how to convert the files back and forth

    and apparently there is no such version for mdb (MS Access files)?



    odt, ods, etc. arn’t really Linux formats per se. They’re the native format used by Open Office and other non-Microsoft office suites. The easiest way to convert them is to open them in Open Office (or other) then choose Save-as and select doc, xls, etc. as the format to save them in.


    Newer versions of Microsoft Office support the od* formats, so you might not need to convert them.

    Regarding MS Access, apparently there is a similar program called Base (part of Libre/Open Office). It might be able to directly import some MS Access formats, depending on which version of Access you have. You can always use CSV as an intermediate format when going between database programs. Another way is to use the ODBC capabilities of Access which allow it to connect to many other database apps to import & export data. Here’s an example for MySQL.

    There’s also the mdbtools package which can convert MS Access files to various other formats.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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