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    My operating system of choice here is Windows 7, with Linux not far behind.

    Again, last night, this has happened. I was logged into two other computers running jobs on them I was really interested in. This morning, the Windows 7 computer had a little notice it had been restarted to install updates. Yes, I do have automatic updates enabled (now that the Windows 10 nonsense is over). The restart killed the remote sessions I had been running.

    Is there some setting I can apply that will prevent Microsoft from rebooting my computer when they feel like it? I am sure none of these updates last night were that urgent to require aborting what I was doing.

    Or, should I just switch to Linux? It downloads and installs updates, and lets me know when a restart is required.



    Despite my preference for you doing the latter, you should be able to prevent automatic reboots using Group Policy (easier but only available for the Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise versions) or by editing the registry.

    How To Disable Forced Restarts After A Windows Update



    Thank you!

    The link you provided is excellent. Well written, clear, and complete. I used the group policy edit procedure they cover (using Win 7 Pro here) and it took almost no time to do. Now, to see if it really works!

    That link also has a link to some other annoyances that can be fixed in Windows. One in particular, the CAPS LOCK key has my attention. I don’t know how many times my fat fingers aim for the A key, but whack the CAPS LOCK also.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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