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    I received a message when I opened FF after restarting my laptop suggesting to resetting FF to default if it was running slow. The laptop if about 4 yrs old, does run pretty good but can be slow when browsing, thinking it is just the age of the laptop. Would this make any real difference and is it worth doing? Thanks



    Well, you could try it. It seems when I did that, maybe it saved everything it disabled to an icon on the desktop so you could restore it. (Or, was that when I tried it in their SAFE mode?)

    Wherever your HELP menu is, there should be a Troubleshooting Information item. Clicking on that will bring up a page with with a place you can click to reset things.

    Seems to me when I did that I lost all my history and other settings I had made.

    Maybe you might, instead, consider just disabling all the add-ons and such you might have added.

    Or, take a look for a browser called Pale Moon. It is really a slightly older version of FF, and maybe without as much stuff packed under the hood.

    I find many things run better with the Google Chrome browser. You might also give that a whack and see which browser fits your fancy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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