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    The experts were talking, on the September 21 podcast, about some uncertainties in the audio level.

    I was just telling NPR that they need an “online audio” VU meter. So help me, nobody doing online audio has any stinkin’ idea what they’re putting in the pipe. This show’s podcast clipped like nuts in the intro and the little bit of station-announcer speech. Steve is almost always overdriving his channel. Last time I was listening to Dan Romanello on WFUV (and you should too) his whole show was 20db down (I measured it). The growling louts who do the self-promotion spots in the WHAM Iheartradio stream are always clean and, probably, full modulation because they’re always strong and consistent. Like WHAM always has been.

    If an output-point VU meter doesn’t exist, somebody should invent it. I would do it myself if I were smart enough. Then hire someone to make the damn radio stations buy it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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