7 June 14 – Apple's Looking to Kill a Lot of Competing Products

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    This week’s Word Wide Developers Conference saw Apple introduce a lot of products and services that compete with existing stuff.

    How much of an impact do you think that will have on things?



    Well, I’m not an Apple fan, so maybe my comments don’t really mean much. From what I’ve sensed, it looks like Apple is playing catch-up with some of the competition.

    But, for those that insist that Apple must be good, it would be nice if they put some effort into reducing their prices. But that would be counterproductive because there are some that insist that Apple must be good because of the prices their products carry.


    I think Apple is on its way back to being the company they were before the introduction of the iPod; one that makes well-engineered, expensive products for a niche market.



    I am a big fan of NY State apples. Cortland, Empire, etc.



    Apple wants to be the most expensive thing on the shelf, some sort of snob appeal type thing.



    I hardly think Apple has too small a market share to matter. What’s even more startling to me is, I saw a story this past week saying Apple wants to remove/eliminate the headphone jack on their iDevices. This would mean exclusively either Bluetooth or Lightning headphones/headsets. Sorry, that’s just dumb. It means headphones require power, such as a battery. Normal, passive headphones will operate all day and night long because they don’t need a battery or power cord of any sort. This is going to do just the opposite of killing competition, it’ll encourage people to buy competing products which still have a “normal” jack.


    Google+ post by Eric Raymond

    article in Forbes online to which Raymond links

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    They went after the rounded-corner rectangle.

    If they go after squares and circles I might get a little concerned.



    When they can’t innovate I’ms sure they will resort to litigating. As someone locally famous who used to say. 🙂



    Apple has been aggressively suing others (and winning) for patent infringement for years, so I don’t feel the least bit bad for them here. They need to get taken down a notch.

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