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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Still no menu…



    A start menu is coming. Stubborn Microsoft has finally listened.


    No big deal. Successfully running Windows 8.1 here with no issues whatsoever. I use Classic Shell and it is wonderful. So many people down on Windows 8.1. Sad. It is fast, ultra stable, never crashes.



    There’s nothing like taking something that worked perfectly well, and changing it fundamentally so it doesn’t operate any better, really, just differently. It’s just stupid of MS to have removed the Start menu. Why there is such reluctance to put it back, I don’t know.

    On a related note, I thought I would try the Xubuntu 14.04 final beta. At first, I didn’t quite perceive exactly why I didn’t like it, but the default menus came up, where programs are on the left half and “categories” are on the right half (it’s called the “Whiskers Menu,” as opposed to the “Applications Menu”). Then it dawned on me: it’s extra mouse movement. I have to travel further to the categories (which is basically one level of menuing) then back to the programs, whereas the apps menu just simply presents the menu choices outright along the left!

    I’m also a creature of great habit, so believe it or not, I dislike these attempts at putting the most frequently used items at the top of the menus so as to minimize mouse movement. If something shows up third, I always want it to show up third, not have it shift to second or first just because I use it more often than items 1 and 2.



    Keymaster, How about a choice for those of us that don’t use Windows at all! Mostly Mac and Linux these days. My last Linux box cost $35, can you guess what it is? Maybe box not the best word.



    Sorry I missed the show last week, I was busy attending the North East Linux Fest (where I introduced many people to the longest running computer show in the known universe).

    So are we on Windows 8.1.1? Is this a free update?



    Windows 8.1 continues to run very well for me. The new update comes from Windows Update, which is where the first version of 8.1 should have been offered instead of the Microsoft Store. (what were they thinking ?) At any rate, it is ultra stable, fast to start up and shut down, and a future update a little later this year will include a start menu. Microsoft is still deciding exactly what will be in that start menu.

    I just did a complete system restore on the wife’s laptop. It came with Windows 8, but it seemed to not to want to download the latest quite large 8.1 update from Windows update and I was tired of trying to figure out why. I will say that the full new 8.1 update from Windows Update is quite large. Over 800 megs ! So that in itself could be a drawback for some people who continue to hear the familiar tones as they dial into their ISP…like my uncle, but I won’t get into that right now.

    One more thing, I continue to run the fantastic Classic Shell in our laptops. It is up to version 4.06 right now and is totally free and it offers many, many options as to how you can configure your start menu. It is just a fantastic piece of software that keeps getting better. If I wish to use an app, I do. But I boot directly into a normal Windows desktop.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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