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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    I’ve got Greenlight, so… YEAH! How about you?



    You stink Nick. (Just Kidding) We want Greenlight in Webster for sure. Could you kindly send them in our direction ? How many people work for Greeenlight ? How many decades will it be before they get this county wired ?

    I am for the most part happy with Time Warner’s Extreme Speed level of 30 down and 5 up. And Time Warner service in my neighborhood it pretty solid with no noted slowdowns. The best that Frontier can give me is 6/1 and I live within spitting distance of one of their DSLAM units. About a mile and a half from here they actually are offering 24 megs down. I am not sure about the upload speed.




    First: Why does it say “Comments are closed” below when they are not and never are? 😉

    Second: I have no idea how fast or slow my connection is, so I didn’t answer the poll. I figured a random guess would defeat the purpose of the poll. If I had to guess, I’d say our speed averages about 13,425 miles per second. Definitely not as fast as the speed of light, but if I compare turning on a light to the load of a webpage, they can (on a really good day) somewhat remotely resemble each other.

    (Most of the time not, however, hence the skewed average).

    Lastly, I would be willing to go lengths to get Greenlight to Webster/Penfield as well, including illegal endeavors if that’s what it takes. I was thinking kidnapping a technician or similar. Please contact me at getgreenlightnow@geemail.com if interested.


    A Time Warner Hater
    (for their lousy TV options and sleezy rate hikes more than anything else)

    (Ooops! Was that too controversial? Am I not allowed to hate Time Warner? Or was it, darn it, the fact that I referenced my willingness to kidnap someone…)




    The service is OK, but way overpriced. How is it they can offer the same service for $15/mo., but that’s only a promotional rate? My bill (less taxes etc.) is a shade under 4x that. Yeah, yeah…supposedly a loss leader, I guess. What I would really like is FiOS. It is offered here, but is even MORE expensive.



    Well spread the wealth a little…you think that Frontier is an outstanding organization ? I just checked again… 6 megs down is all I can get from them and I can only get their lowest price if I agree to having a landline from them also. No thanks Frontier. I do not need a landline. The same applies to Time Warner. Stop offering me packages that includes a phone.

    Unlike you ScreenScream, I do know what speed I am paying for and what speed I am actually receiving here in my home. Those sort of things are important to me. I have no arguments with Time Warner because I personally manage one way or another to keep my costs down with them. $111 a month total bill for the services we have with them is perfectly within our means. Would we switch to Greenlight ? You bet. Will they ever come to my neighborhood ? I doubt. So we are held hostage by TW because right now they are the only game in our neck of the woods. Can hardly wait until Comcast takes over.



    Well, I’m on Time Warner, and my speeds check, very consistently, at just over 15 megs down, and slightly over 1 meg up. I guess, for what I do, that is sufficient. For those that want to check their speeds, I use http://speedtest.net. And, if you are on TW, one of the two servers available in Syracuse is hosted by TW. So, I always test with that one.

    For years I was with Frontier. They were selling me what was supposed to be 10 meg down, but I was far under that. Gradually the speeds worked up to around 7, which I thought was OK since the modem had a 8 meg cap. Then suddenly the speeds dropped back to 3 meg — and very consistent. Talking to the sales people confirmed I was paying for 10 down, they turned me over to the technical support. There I found they had me, and everybody else, provisioned for 3.6, and that wasn’t going to change.

    If Greenlight ever gets out here, I am on their ‘waiting’ list. I am sure their fiber line will go by on the pole at the end of the driveway, but don’t know if they would be interested in tapping one customer off it.


    I pay $40/mo with Frontier. It’s actually AT&T’s U-Verse (fiber-optic) infrastructure but Frontier recently bought it. So far, nothing’s changed, which is a good thing. I’ve kept the same speed (3/1) from back when I had DSL. I’m sure faster service are a better value in terms of Mbps/$, but like the 25¢ upgrades at the movie theater, I’d still be paying *more*, and with the stuff that I do, I don’t notice the speed. I’m happy with the service because 1) my IP address never changes even though I’m not paying for static 2) I get the advertized speeds, sometimes even a bit above and 3) it has been very reliable. I’ve also recently discovered that my service supports IPv6, though I haven’t used it yet.



    According to the FCC, DSL is not fast enuf to be called broadband.

    I’ve got DSL, and had a tech out to my house to tune it up. He got it up to 2.9 Mbits. I’m not pleased, but I’m too much of a tightwad to go to TW. And uploading is only 10% of that.

    I don’t put anything in any sort of “Cloud” that’s way too slow.



    With the $14.98 a month plan from TW you will get 3 megs down and 1 meg up and it will be a higher quality experience than what you see with your DSL being “tuned” up to 2.9 megs.

    I checked again last night. I can still only get 6 megs from Frontier where we live. I checked my parent’s address in Irondequoit and they can get 6, 12 or 24 Mbps plans from Frontier, so their area has received the new speed. Someone I know called Frontier yesterday…now listen to this… They told him that sometime this year that parts of Rochester including Webster where I live, will be getting 50/10 and 100/15 speed internet. $44.95 a month price lock for three years for 50/10 and $84.95 a month for 100/15. I will believe it when I see it.



    A lot of that has to do with what technology is there. If the nearby DSLAM is of the G.DMT variety, it will top out at about 8/1, and was very common a decade ago. ADSL2, 2+, or VDSL have more capacity. Also keep in mind that just because a CO is close does not mean the cables go straight towards you. Every now and then, the cabling takes a circuitous route, and the wire length (EWL) is much longer than the straight run would be.

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