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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    And what model do you have? And how old is it?



    Great, about 3 hours on straight battery, Lenovo T410 running Linux.. 3 years to me, bought it refurbed.

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    From the Sound Bytes front page:

    The Poll
    Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

    Hrm…that can’t be good.

    UPDATE @ 31-Dec-2016 10:49am: There is a poll there now.

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    I really never use my laptop on battery power so I have no clue. It is an older Toshiba Satellite i5 that really only gets used when I am on a trip or something. Which reminds me…I should maybe fire it up today and update some stuff on it.



    Got 2008 Macbook advertised for 6h. It probably got closer to that with OS X but with Linux, without any power-saving tricks enabled, it gets about 2h. (thanks Apple for charging me $120 to replace an expanding battery that should have been free due to being a fire hazard.) Also have an HP Mini netbook from 2010 advertised for 10 hours. Again it might have got that with Windows 7 but I never even booted it before overwriting it with Debian. It’s also on it’s second battery. I’d guess it gets about 4h, but for both laptops it really depends how heavily I’m using them. One habit I’ve gotten into is I rarely turn them off. When traveling I just close the lid which puts them in sleep mode. I suppose if it was a long enough trip this could fully discharge them.

    I’m not sure if some Linux distros detect that they’re on a laptop and enable further power saving features. I’m sure it’s possible to achieve the same battery life as the original OS by enabling certain power saving measures. Some of the things I did for the netbook were enabling cpu frequency scaling, turning the screen off after a minute, dimming the screen, letting the hard drive spin down when inactive. There may be other tricks.



    I have a Samsung Chromebook still lovin’ it! 2012 model. I get about 4 hrs. Eagerly waiting for the program to start today; I’m such a geek!! Now if I was only smart enough to get a geek job!!



    Has always been something I’ve had to pay attention to with my two Acers, both less than five years old.

    Replaced the first battery, bought it directly from Acer not willing to risk something on Amazon that although much cheaper, may have safety concerns; there was just enough talked about on this issue that I decided the substantial extra money (I think a solid $50) to ensure I have the exact battery I needed for the exact laptop from the exact manufacturer without worry of any safety issue was worth it.

    I use video and editing programs a lot, but can squeeze almost three hours out of the batteries most days. They definitely lose their juice though over relatively short periods of time by my standards. I’d prefer they lasted ten years.



    On those Macbooks the battery is right below the touchpad. The only reason I noticed it was swelling was because the touchpad started acting as if you were constantly holding down the button, and the problem went away when the battery was removed.

    Replacing the netbook battery I went with an alternate (cheaper) brand that Amazon said would fit. Haven’t had any problems. Battery life may be the same, I’m not sure.

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