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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Yep; the party’s over. How is that going to affect you?



    Not at all. Running 10 with no complaints on four computers at this time. Two laptops, a desktop and a Mac Mini. 🙂


    Tried to upgrade a copy of Windows 7 running in VirtualBox and got an error saying “CPU not compatible”. Read it was a Windows bug. Tried once more a few weeks later after getting the latest updates. Same thing, so I gave up as it wasn’t worth the hassle. Would of liked to try Windows 10 but guess I’ll just wait until Windows 7 support runs out in 2020.




    I upgraded my laptop on the last day (around 11p, Friday, 7/29). However, I have a Win 7 desktop that has been offline for over a year. I plan on working to get it up to date in the next month or so. Do you know whether the free offer will be presented to systems that have been offline since before the offer was even available? Thanks!

    – Ryland



    You missed the deadline. It did not matter what the
    computer you have was doing. They set the time and
    it had to be done then. Maybe a very small version of
    linux or a chrome could run on that machine.



    And on that Win 7 desktop that missed the deadline — if it still works with Win 7 (and why not?) — then why not keep the Win 7 on it. You know your drivers work, and security updates will still be provided for a few more years. If you plan to add more hardware in the future, then maybe (just maybe) new drivers may be a problem.

    Why fix it until it’s broken?



    My windows has always been no charge…X11. Xorg FTW.

    I wonder how much longer TomTom HOME2 will work on XP. Potentially, they could do something server side which requires updating that Win32 program. Really, that’s the only thing for which I use MS Windows, and that’s not particularly frequently.

    So 29-Jul came and went for me, and I didn’t much pay attention.

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    I read in a newsletter today that you can still upgrade to Windows 10 — for free — if you simply use a legitimate Win 7/8 product key.

    Might be worth a try for those that missed the published deadline.

    If you try and are successful, or it fails, why not give us a heads-up on what you ran into? That is how we all learn.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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