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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Mother of Mercy, is this the end of R-IE-co?



    I switched to Chrome at the Soundbytes Crew’s suggestion. It mostly works great, but there are some sites that just don’t work with it, that open just fine with IE.

    I hope the replacement is compatible with the sites I use.



    It’s overdue, I am a mostly Firefox guy, but will resort to Explorer if I’m having any issues. It seems to unquestionably be slower.



    I am a Firefox guy who is open to taking a look at other browsers. Chrome is unusable for me because of the lousy bookmark management in their desktop browser. (which is surprisingly good in the Android Chrome…go figure) So I am experimenting with Slimjet which is a Chrome based browser that has the feature in it that I use all the time. That is a bookmarks side panel that I can keep docked on the left side of the browser window. I need easy access to my 1800 or so bookmarked sites. I also like to use certain extensions in Firefox that make my life easier on the net. One very important one is called Social Fixer and Facebook for me would be unusable without it.

    I am open to taking a look at this new Microsoft browser and I also understand that they are also going to allow extensions and add ons in the same way that Firefox and Chrome does now.

    Here is news on IE 12, or whatever it is going to be called and oh yes, I voted…It’s about time.




    There are so many browsers available that the one that just so happens to come bundled w/ the OS has less and less relevance as time goes on.


    If something comes along to replace IE, it will be called “IE”, so therefore IE will never die.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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