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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Facebook isn’t just for slutty selfies anymore.




    Well, I am on Facebook, but very rarely. Maybe I’m paranoid, but they do everything possible to mine all kinds of personal information about people, so they can sell it.

    The idea that they have to know everything about me so they can feed me ads for what I’m interested in leaves out one thing. I would rather not have ads crammed down the internet to me.

    This news partnership will just be one more thing to match what I am interested in with what people can try to sell me.



    I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook and I also have to identities there. One ID I use for family and friends and the other I use for several groups that I belong to.

    So, knowing that Nick and his slutty selfie reference was hopefully a joke, or at least a partial joke, Facebook is indeed a wonderful communication tool that many people have embraced. For me, it has pretty much replaced e mail. I love the fact that I can instantly communicate with people and share photos and news with them. I belong to community groups that offer a lot of helpful information. Like anything else, sometimes it gets a little bit stupid there because a select few have to always try to act like the idiots that they are. But there is a wonderful blocking mechanism that allows you to never see those people again. I also limit my friends list to people that I actually know…not every Tom, Dick and Harry. I have made valuable friends on my other ID also. People who live in my community. People who run their own businesses, etc. I only put things on Facebook that I wish to share. I also go into my activity log and regularly delete old posts, etc.

    I belong to a group that is devoted to the college bowling program that my son has been part of for the past 4 years. Pictures and information and tournament updates are posted there as well as news about both our women’s and men’s teams. Yesterday it was kept updated all day long from the NAIA Invitational that they are bowling at in the Chicago area with scores and pictures. And last night, there were pictures instantly shared from the banquet that was held.

    Why do I share this here ? Well it is an effort to try to change the perception of some people who have no clue as to how Facebook can be an important tool in their lives. So learn about Facebook and how to set it up properly. Block the ads with adblocking extensions in your browser and also, please try a fantastic FREE extension that is called Social Fixer. It is a work of love by a gentleman named Matt Kruse. Matt has a daytime job in the IT industry. II strongly encourage those who are on Facebook right now to at least give Social Fixer a try.


    There is a great support group for this extension on Facebook itself manned by several very dedicated people who answer questions and who are very helpful.


    It would be very difficult for me to use Facebook as much as I do without this great tool. It is spyware free and Matt is the only person who is directly involved in keeping this extension updated and running well. So before you condemn Facebook as being just some silly thing, it is really worth spending some time learning how it can also benefit you in many ways once you set it up properly. I see no ads there. My page is free of whatever it is that I do not want there. Social Fixer allows me to configure it that way and Adblock Edge allows me to not see ads anywhere as I surf the net.



    First of all, if Nick is doing slutty-selfies, please friend me Nick pronto!!!

    I use yahoo mail, even tho it has gone way-downhill over the past several years. Set as my homepage, I get all the news I need right there.

    I use FB, but very on-and-off. I do not have any of my closest friends nor family on it. And none of us use it for for the same reason as another poster said above; ZSuckerboy simply puts way way too much effort into harvesting way way too much personal info.

    Plus, ZSuckerboy is an obnoxious spoiled little brat, so I’m not a fan of supporting him.

    I call for his resignation. Let’s find Moot in his retirement, and put him in there instead. FB would then be awesome.

    Ads are ok with me, as long as they’re not pop ups or too intrusive; I just can’t stand some of FB’s policies.

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    No ads, non pop ups. I run the latest Firefox here as my main browser. Slimjet as my second choice. Adblockers set up and running in both. Social Fixer on both. There is no other way to surf the net and spend time at Facebook. The man who started Facebook is not going anywhere. Google+ has failed. Twitter is hard for me to spend any time at. I get most of my news on the net these days. I watch the news broadcasts on the tube that I prefer to watch. It is all good. If Facebook wishes to provide me with more news about what is going on in this messed up nation and world, then so be it. We are guests there. If we don’t like being there we know where the door is.


    When you get a new wall post or message, Facebook used to include the content in the emails they sent you. Now they just say you’ve got a new post/message. They’re trying to get me to stay logged in all the time. It’s having the opposite effect though.

    Good for the NYT for finding a new revenue stream, but with so much news already shared online, this doesn’t seem like a big story.

    Regarding the data mining, I don’t like it either but it’s not like every other company isn’t doing the same thing.



    I do not get e mails from Facebook about anything except for any official notifications or if it detects that my accounts have been signed in from a different browser. E mails telling me that someone has replied to a post are just plain silly.


    I’m not usually signed into Facebook but I check email often, so its convenient for me to see posts there and know if there’s something I want to reply to.

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