26 Nov 16 – Scalpers try to cash in on MacBook Pro shortage

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Would you pay 60% over retail just to get a Macbook Pro today?



    I’m all about freedom, and at least my impression of Apple is they like to keep tight control on all their platforms. I selected that I’d take one for free if it was offered, because it’d be OK to experiment with it, in order to help people, and to use it as a sort-of generic UEFI machine, to install Linux or the like.

    Y’know…I would have a similar dilemma if I got a chance to talk to Rush Limbaugh. Lately he’s been giving away iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 Plusses. I wouldn’t use one if he gave it to me; I loves me Android. The iPlatform is simply not flexible enough for me.

    I don’t begrudge the hundreds of millions of people that want their mobile device to just work, as Apple products tend to do asymptotic to 100% of the time.


    I think that’s true about Apple regarding hardware. They like to use connectors that nobody else uses. But Google and Microsoft are no better when it comes to letting you install your own software or making their software compatible with others.

    For example some Android phones make it easy to get root access but a lot don’t. And although considered mostly open-source, almost all Android apps depend on Google’s proprietary Play libraries. You can fully erase and install a new gapps-free Android OS (AOKP is nice) but most popular apps won’t work. Not that you could obtain them anyway. Despite being developed by 3rd parties, they are exclusively distributed via the Google play store which you can’t access without gapps. Contrast this to an open system like Firefox’s Add-ons, where you install through the add-ons menu but can also download from a website then install like any other software.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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